Puja Jwala:- Jajanka/ Etaa/ Torma Making

25 MARCH 2017 | 3 PM – 4 PM | DAGU BAHA

Tormas are traditional food offerings usually made from chaapa that are offered to the Buddhas and other Gods in various ritual practices and prayers such as empowerments, retreats and chanted prayers. Taaniga-baniga are made from rice flour. These can range from very simple to artistically beautiful.

Jajanka is made of three rounds of a white cotton thread forming a circle of about three centimeters in diameter and tied with a small piece of red cloth so that it has no ends. It is offered to the God as a garland. It may vary in size. It symbolizes the integration of the beginning with the end. It is for the creation, continuation and fullness of life.

Etaa are hand made cotton wicks turned two and a half rounds around the finger to make thin braids. The wick draws in the oil and feeds it to the flame. Eeta is offered to God representing the illumination of wisdom and belief. Offering etaa also creates harmony, and generates merit while promoting success, prosperity, longevity, and world peace.

Conducted by: Purna Hira Tuladhar

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