"Ma is from K.U Department of Music, one of the groups performing at the festival. “Ma- a musical Kaleidoscope” ‘Ma’ is an ensemble of 2014 batch from the Music Department, Kathmandu University, Nepal. These enthusiast


Ujjwala Maharjan and Yukta Bajracharya are two of the founding members of Word Warriors, a spoken word poetry collective from Nepal. Spoken word poets and instructors, Ujjwala and Yukta are also currently working as Program Coordinators for a spoken


It is our honour to feature the internationally acclaimed Sitar Maestro from Nepal Mr. Tara Bir Singh Tuladhar at Echoes In The Valley Music Festival. During his five decades of sitar playing, he has played in numerous national and international


Resonance Of Roots is a group of eight young musicians from different backgrounds and musical influences. Blending western and eastern musical influences, the group composes music by brainstorming their ideas based on individual band members preferen


Project Sarangi - Gandarvas are a Nepalese ethnic community historically nomadic entertainers and musicians. One of their prized instruments is the Sarangi, a four-stringed instrument played upright, with a bow. Sarangi is handcrafted out of a single


Eartha is an ensemble group consisting of 10 aspiring musicians, each having their own distinctive musical color and flavour blended into one. Though having guitars, bass and drums as their primary instruments, the group is also exploring outside thi


Night is a new-school folk band that focuses on using traditional Nepali instruments and creating new sounds and reintroduce said instruments to a new audience. The songs they have released have definitely carved them a solid audience ranging from th


CYCLE refers to the musical cycle or 'Ä€vartan' in Eastern Classical Music. The musicians are currently studying B.Mus. in Ethnomusicology. Their music has the ethnic elements of Nepal fused with Eastern Classical and Western elements, tha

"Helsinki Uniarts Collective"

Helsinki Uniarts Collective is a collective of multitalented musicians from Sibelius Academy, Finland. The group members have their expertise in traditional music and instruments from all around the world hence their music is a gamut of various wo


Didibaini is a group of seven talented female musicians based in Kathmandu. It is a all women group and hence promotes female participation in music. They claim to be an Ethnic Pop ensemble falling within the World Music category encompassing an i

"Sound Sketch"

Ritesh Maharjan is a Kathmandu based interdisciplinary artist. He experiments in improvising the sound using abstract ideas.
At “Echoes in the Valley”, he is sketching the sound of respective ambience.
He holds a Master o


Saroday is a duo of Prem Gurung on Paschima andDixit Adhikari on Sarod. It was initiated by Prem Gurung as a part of his bachelors studies in ethnomusicology at Kathmandu University. Their music d

"Hari Maharjan Project (HMP) | Daniel Givone"

Hari Maharjan Project (HMP) was started by Guitar Maestro Hari Maharjan in 2008 as a major cornerstone to introduce Gypsy Jazz, oranamented with various Nepali Musical Ideas driven from his own Ethnic Culture in The World Music Scene. It began wit

"Shree Annapurna Gyanmala Bhajan Khala"

Bhajans are the devotional songs and hymns that express one’s praise and devotion towards Gods. It is accompanied by the ensemble of Harmonium, Tabala, Ta:, Chhyaali, Pachhima and Tanpura. This raga-based lyrical song will be presented by th

"Nimesh Kapali "

Nimesh Kapali ( 13 years old ) is a young tabala player who has been playing North Indian Classical Music since he was 6. He comes from the community of professional musicians called Jugi. Kapali has already played in 50+ venues including Jay Shre